Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Felted Bowl Sans Resist (A Finish to a Tutorial)

The bowl has been finished for a few days.  I've been trying to decide on how to embellish my now non glutenous yes, it's a bowl, creation.  Here's a picture of my bedroom rug.  OH my gosh, you can see the vacum cleaner lower right - oh well, at least the colors match.

Knowing that the bowl has ridges and bumps, I didn't see myself making the exact designs.  Besides, I like to do a takeoff - afterall, you can see the real rug, why replicate it exactly.   Anyway, after vacuming the rug several times, getting down with a roller (that beagle dog hair is ridiculous!), here are a few shots of the end result.

The colors really match, too.  I did the stripes on the sides to coordinate with the stripes in the rug.  The big teardrops are like the little designs that look like horseshoe crabs.  Then I did four little squares with bits of the different colors.  Do you see that ring around the top?  That is actually a ridge (wavy) from where some of those side rovings didn't quite felt (all the better to sculpt with, my dear).  I tucked and needlefelted some rovings right behind the ridges.  (wish you could see it in person).

Here's a few more taken from my dresser in the late afternoon sun.

I like the inside because you can see the other side of the needlefelting.  It feels nice and furry (like the darn dog hairs).  I find my vessels very comforting.

Next saga - have to think on that one.

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